Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bispham v Lytham 3 Result 2-2

The teams shared the points as all players drew. I will post a game later when I have them in.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Preston 4 v Bispham C League Match Result

The Bispham team played away at Preston on Tuesday and scored a win in the first match of the season 3 - 1.
Board 1 Blaine Mc Grady, Board 2 Dave Graham and Board 3 Ron Broxson all won and Board 4 Norman Thompson lost.
More detailed report later.
Below is my game on board 2 against Chris Fielding, I am still brushing the cobwebs away from years of not playing and it shows I'm afraid :)
Dave Graham

A lucky escape

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Vishy is World Champion

Vishy Anand becomes world champion for the second time. His final score in Mexico was 9/14 after he secured an effortless 20 move draw against Peter Leko in the final round. Kramnik and Gelfand came second and Leko third. Peter Svidler had his first win in the last round!
Full report in the World Championship link on the right.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

2007/8 League Fixtures & Results

I have added a link on the right to this seasons fixtures for the league and cups. I will update with results as soon as I get them
Dave Graham

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Correspondence Chess

Ever fancied correspondence chess? It's not like in the old day's when I used to play using snail mail!!! I remember the anticipation (sometimes dread)of the arrival of the postman with my postal chess cards. I once played a guy who was in prison, for murder. I agonised for weeks about his reaction should I go on to win. Luckily ? I lost. Games lasted months, sometimes over a year. With the price of postage now though you would need to be a lottery winner to afford it :)
As with most other things, the internet has improved chess greatly. Now games can be played at any pace you like from 1 minute a game bullet play to 40 moves in 40 days and anything in between. My 1 min days are long behind me but I can still find play to suit my pace. I play 10 to 15 minute stuff on playchess.com but recently I have gone back to correspondence games, but now using the internet. With the advent of chess engines (I use Fritz 10) you might think it's a waste of time as it is likely you will be playing another chess engine and not a human. That is of course very likely. But is that at all bad?? I admit to using Ftitz,the site where I play allows engines. What I have found though is the use of Fritz has helped my OTB chess greatly. I have not played chess for over 10 years and have just re-started again. The combination of correspondence chess and the use of Fritz to analyse my games has brushed away a lot of the cobwebs faster than playing in the club. Of course I have the last say, I do not allow the computer to play my games for me, just to explain what is happening. So why don't you give it a try? You never know it may improve your game as well. Free correspondence chess can be played at FICGS....link on the right. Below is one of my recent games.
Dave Graham